Our work

Have a look at some of our productions - they speak volumes about us and our skills. The atmosphere of every film is different, and when creating our videos we use a variety of different techniques. We hope that they will be an inspiration while planning your own production!

TV Ad 30'

Farmona Radical

A TV commercial for “Radical” shampoo - one of the most important components of product rebranding.



How to show the connection between passion and work? See the corporate video presenting the Akamai company.


ABB: Anytime, anywhere

This corporate video was produced upon the request of the company’s headquarters located in Zurich.

promo movie

Mercedes-Benz & GOPR

Short recap from the hand over of the new X-Class.

promo movie

mazda 6

A promotional video prepared for the premiere of the new Mazda 6, filmed in Montenegro.

promo movie


The film pictures Kraków as an ideal place for businesses - produced for Cavatina, a developer.

promo movie

Conrad Festival

This film is one of a series of five videos, each presenting one Conrad Award 2018 nominee.


Innovation@Amazon 2018

Our coverage of the third edition of a technical conference organized in Gdansk by Amazon Development Center Poland.


Tauron's Fuses

A video created as part of an educational campaign explaining matters related to electricity to the youngest viewers.

Internet ad

Omni Finances

Commercial made for Omni Finances, prepared with the aim of aiding Poles who have a chance to recover money wrongfully collected by the banks in the UK.

Krakow Festival Office

Miłosz Festival

One of the two reports from the 2017 Miłosz Festival.

Internet ad

Expert on interior design

Advertisement for the Komandor brand presenting the latest collection of furniture.


Porsche Parade

Porsche Parade is the fifth edition of the event for the lovers and enthusiasts of the Porsche brand.


HackYeah ‘18

Our coverage of one of the world's largest hackathons, in which about 2,500 participants took part!

promo movie


A promotional video made for Mercedes-Benz. Emphasizing its reliability while handing over brand’s new X-class model to Sopot Volunteer Water Rescue Service.


New Year's Eve

Coverage of the loudest event of the year organized by the Krakow Festival Office .

promo movie

RedBull Driving Academy

Video report from the RedBull Driving Academy where the drivers could perfect their skills with some help from Jakub Przygoński and Tomasz Kuchar.

relacja z wydarzenia

Akademia Jazdy RedBull

Relacja z Akademii Jazdy RedBull - podczas której kierowcy mogli doskonalić swoje umiejętności pod okiem Jakuba Przygońskiego i Tomasza Kuchara.